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Pre Purchase Surveys

A Pre Purchase Survey is the most comprehensive form of survey and it is strongly recommended when buying a used vessel.

The basic items such as structural out of water inspection, sea trial (if required), rigging, electrical system, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, navigation equipment, cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance are all reported on.

Having decided on the boat, it would then be normal to make an offer subject to survey. Once your offer is accepted, the contract is signed and the deposit paid. You then have 14 days in which to have a survey; once the surveyor has reported his findings and where serious defects are found then it would be common to renegotiate the price or ask the owner to carry out repairs at their cost.

For the pre-purchase survey the boat will need to be out of the water, this will generally be at your expense. Most yards/marinas offer a lunch time lift/wash off where the boat stays in the slings for around an hour, and this is the cheapest type of lift. Otherwise the boat would be lifted and stored ashore for the survey and then relaunched on completion. You are welcome to be present on the day of survey.

Your report will normally be emailed to you by the end of the following day. We are then quite happy to discuss the findings over the phone. The survey will also be suitable if required by your insurance company.

Valuations are not normally part of a standard pre-purchase survey, but if the valuation is for your own information, i.e. does the boat represent good value we are happy to have a chat after the survey. If a valuation is required by a Finance Company to obtain a Marine Mortgage, then it will need to be written as part of the report.

If the survey identifies any defects we are quite happy to chat about the estimated costs, but it is always recommended that you get formal quotes from suitable contractors prior to proceeding with a purchase.

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Parts examined during a survey:

Hull Structure
Hull/Superstructure Joint
Ballast & Keels
Bulkheads and Bonding
Steering Gear
Stern Gear
Stern Drives
Cathodic Protection
Deck Fitting
Windows & Port Lights
Sea Valves & Hoses
Bilge Pump Installation
Navigation Equipment
Electrical Installation
Engine & Machinery Installation
Fuel Installation
Mast & Spars
Mast Support Structure
Chain Plates
Interior & Furnishing
Toilet Installation
Holding Tank Installation
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fresh Water System
Gas Installation
Anchoring Equipment
Covers & Spray Hoods